• Miranda Daigneault

Better Goal Setting

Join our newest contributor and long time member of BodyLift Fitness, Miranda Daigneault, and learn how to set better goals. She has the perfect challenge for you!

If you're a living, breathing human being, then I can almost guarantee that at some point in your life you've set a goal to lose weight or get in better shape and then failed at it miserably. If you happen to be the one other-worldly being that reads this and always hits your fitness goals out of the park then, frankly, you need to start aiming higher. (Future post on this topic)

But, for the rest of us earthlings that set fitness goals and then miss the mark, here's something to consider. What exactly are you shooting for? Losing 10 pounds? 50 pounds? Being a size 6? Fitting into that one pair of jeans you've been hiding into the back of your closet?

How many of us have set those goals for ourselves? Guilty.

While those things are amazing and would feel incredible to accomplish, the idea of them alone may not be enough to get you to change a habit and, furthermore, a lifestyle.

That's why I created my FREE 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge. It's designed to help you create goals that really matter while simultaneously attaching meaning and depth to why you want to accomplish them. I also give you something to start right away to help you stay in line with who you want to be while you achieve them.

So, when you create your New Year's Resolutions this year and feel the urge to say you're going to "lose 20 pounds", I challenge you to consider instead what the outcome means to you and how you will feel every day:

  • What specifically will you have more energy for?

  • Who will you new be able to give your best to?

  • When in your day do you always crash and burn when you know you really need to show up?

Better yet, don't just consider it. Write It Down. In detail. For example, "When I lose 10 pounds, I will have enough energy to:

  • Join the volleyball league I've been thinking about.

  • Get up from the couch to kiss my husband when he walks in the door.

  • Set an example for my kids of how to take care of yourself."

You get the idea! Metrics are great and definitely use them to track your progress. But don't lose sight of why you are working hard and making changes. Most importantly, don't lose touch with how it makes you feel. And if you'd like more help creating goals that really matter and get you excited to get out of the bed in the morning, then click the link in the bio to sign up for my FREE 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge.

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