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1. Do I need a membership to come to classes?

No, memberships are not necessary, but give you the best value for your group fitness needs.  We have 5 or 10 packs of classes available for purchase.


2. Do I need a mat?

We highly recommend your bring own mat, but if you forget or do not have a mat we have studio mats available for use and high quality Jade mats available for purchase.

3. Should I arrive early?

We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes prior to class, so you have ample time to set up and prepare your self for class. Please do not be late as it disrupts the other participants and the instructor.  The doors to the yoga class may be locked at the start of class to stop disruptions.

4. What if I have never taken a group fit class before?

We welcome you with open arms! Let the instructor know that this is your first time at our studio or in that particular type of class and tell us about any injuries you may be dealing with (make sure your have prior approval from a physician to join a group fitness class). We love to help newbies get into a rhythm and give modifications during our classes when necessary.


5. How do I sign up for classes?

The easiest way is through our website sign up page and by downloading the Mind/Body app. Our app will have the most up to date classes and information.


6. What else should I bring?

Water is very important for all classes. Clean shoes for classes that require athletic shoes. We do not allow street shoes in the studios. Don't forget your enthusiasm.


Yoga Classes: Minimize Disruptions
Please be on time for yoga, it helps if you can arrive five minutes early to get your mat, props, and personal space set up. We lock the door after class starts.  If you need to leave early, please let your instructor know before class starts so that the disruption can be minimized.


Cycle Classes: Reservations

Please reserve your bike ahead of time, and do not show up to this class, expecting to have a bike.  Our cycle classes fill up!  Make sure that you cancel at least an hour ahead of time so that we can give adequate notice to anyone on the waitlist.


All Classes: Plan Ahead

Make sure to sign up for all group classes and be on time.   This gives ample notice for instructors to plan for group size and to utilize the time most efficiently and effectively.  Time is valuable and we want to maximize what we have for each class.


Cancellation & Instructor Substitutions:
⚠️We have the right to cancel class if we have zero sign ups one hour prior to class (so it's important to sign up!), also instructors may change, so check the MindBody App for further details.

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