Heather Dressler, CP PN1

Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach/Instructor/Owner

My approach to fitness is simple, keep it simple.  Learn to love to move. I believe in training in a manner that teaches the client to utilize their own body and to be creative in any space they have. Make it your gym. Everything in moderation and don't forget to enjoy life.  Being fit doesn’t mean being skinny, your well being and health is what is important.  Learn to be addicted to bettering yourself.

A little about me- I graduated from NDSU and I have a Masters degree in Prosthetics, background in kinesiology, biology, physiology and physical therapy. I am married to my wonderful husband, Nicholas, and have 2 boys, Kannon and Holden. I grew up training in classical ballet, so I have always been very in tune with the body and movement. I love training people and seeing the changes in not only their bodies, but their life.  Positivity spreads. Teaching someone to move in new ways gives them a new freedom. My motto is working out makes me sane.  I am also Certified in Precision Nutrition Exercise Nutrition and E-RYT® 200, YACEP®.

Heather Kostelecky

Yoga instructor

I have always been an active person who enjoys the little things in life (good people, good food and good memories). I enjoy the feeling and rush of a good workout! Volleyball and running was always my jam, and then I found Yoga! My name is Heather Kostelecky and I am a Dickinson Native. I have been practicing Yoga for about 4 years, and in 2019 I decided to become an instructor by obtaining my 200 Hr YTT certification. I wanted to expand my knowledge of yoga and all of its amazing benefits.  Yoga has been a tool to keep me active and pain free. It helps me clear my mind in addition to letting me escape after a hectic day of work. My main goal as an instructor is to help you feel good both physically and mentally. Nice to meet you :)

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Kayla Sleater

Yoga instructor

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A Washington state native, Kayla, has been practicing yoga for 11 years! She first discovered her passion for yoga during her junior year of high school after realizing how much it helped her cope with her depression and anxiety. She was happy to have found a natural solution rather than the use of medications. Yoga has also helped with her carpal tunnel syndrome. Her favorite type of yoga is a fast paced Vinyasa flow. She also enjoys a deep stretch Yin practice. Kayla is passionate about yoga and wants to help others feel strong, and use yoga as a natural way to deal with pain and stress.

Megan Fedor


Megan began her relationship with yoga by taking random classes in college while working toward her Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. She really found her passion for Yoga while working for a medically based fitness center in Cleveland, Ohio. She completed her Mind Body Specialist Certification from the American Council on Exercise, and is currently working toward a 200 hour RYT certification in yoga through YogaFit. Megan is trained in Prenatal and Senior yoga as well as general yoga practice. You'll find her teaching whenever possible, in addition to attending as many classes as she can fit into her week.

Andrea Johnson



Do you like to sweat? If you answered yes, then Andrea is your girl! Andrea, mother of 3, is a recent transplant from southwestern Wyoming. She’s been an active part of the health and fitness community for over 15 years, both working as a group fitness instructor and as a certified personal trainer. She holds a variety of certifications and specialty licenses including her Group Fitness Certification, and Personal Training Certification, through the American Council on Exercise. If you don’t see Andrea at Body Lift, you might catch her cheering her boys on at a local hockey game, out riding her mountain bike with her husband Kurt, or at home working on her latest “HGTV” project she’s gone “all-in” on. So come join her for class, you just might love it! Her fitness motto is: Everyone has a beginning, but no one has an end. Remember that fitness is a journey, not a destination, and that we are all always evolving. 

Madison Steier


Madison started yoga, mainly yoga sculpt, as a way to escape the realities of work and school and the stressors of life. She began to have an interest in teaching after a good friend of hers was certified in yoga sculpt. Madison was certified in Fargo, at Mojo Fit Studios and teaches there during the school year.

Through out her teachings her students have truly inspired her and pushed her to be the instructor she is today. She enjoys pushing students to find their strengths throughout class while also keeping the energy light and fun.

Lindsey Schafer


I have always been an active person. Outside of playing sports, I started taking group fitness classes in high school. 9 years ago, I was given the opportunity to become certified in cycling. Since then, I have obtained a number of different certifications. I feel overjoyed to be able to share my passion of fitness with others through classes. I love to turn the music up, kick up the intensity and sweat out the stress of a day.

JoLea Kukowski



Im from Dickinson, North Dakota. I graduated from Dickinson State University.

I Love the outdoors and I try to be active when possible. I like to pay attention to the littlest details of nature. I love the secret beauty North Dakota holds, that's probably why I've never left. I also love to try new things especially in my yoga classes.

I've been practicing yoga for a while but not ritually. I really started to actually get into it within the last two years. that's when I decided to get my certification. I only wanted to expand my knowledge for my own practice and I never thought I'd be teaching!

Yoga to me is about Self-awareness. It is a practice that really makes me a more mindful person. I always find my self asking "is this the yogi thing to do/say?" And I really like it. Yoga has also made me more confident. I hope these transfer over into my classes. I want my students to feel mindful and confident in not only yoga class but in everyday life. I almost always begin and end a class by comparing how you feel. I love that my students at the end of class can notice the changes.

My classes usually include increasing flexibility and mobility, but with a bit of an optional challenge if you're willing to try.

Shannon Halvorson



Shannon Halvorson has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry from teaching classes, personal training, and coaching. She is a ACSM certified personal trainer and holds many certifications for fitness classes and specialties.

She has a passion for all areas of fitness and enjoys helping people of all fitness levels!

Motto “ Growth and Comfort do not coexist”!