Metabolic H.E.A.T (High Energy Accountability Training)

Metabolic H.E.AT. is a great way to find accountability and a community that is on the same path to fitness as you! Every workout will be different, each week we will work on becoming stronger and quicker. These all-inclusive group sessions work the entire body while using 30-45 minutes in the most effective and efficient manner to burn fat and become stronger. Each training will be modifiable for most activity levels.  There will be multiple training times to choose from throughout the week (in and outdoor, depending on weather).  Join the fun, spots will be limited!

$125 monthly recurring fee (minimum of 3 months)

Access to ALL classes including regular unlimited classes

POWER classes include Plyometrics, Obstacles, Workouts of the day, Efficient training, and Recovery, usually a little of everything to really get moving. 

AMRAP days are dedicated to As Many Reps (or exercises) as Possible in a set amount of time. 

HIIT days or High Intensity Interval Training  are classes where low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity training intervals. Burning more fat and strengthening in less time (30 minutes max).

STRENGTH classes are exactly as they seem. The class will make you stronger by using bodyweight and weighted exercises. 

See what others are saying about our M-HEAT program!

-I attended 5am class and loved it. Her workouts are never the same and I felt stronger each time I went to class. Her guidance at each class is much appreciated! -Jodi

-Love Bodylift. I have recently been attending the 8:45 boot camp. The workouts are fast paced and never the same! I feel strong and healthy. I have never been happier with money spent on working out!- Chelsee

-LOVE This place... and the instructors. Such good workouts every time. I always know I will be sore the next day... in a good way!- Sara

-I'm on my second boot camp and go to the other classes here and there... I love it. The atmosphere is amazing. Heather and Terri push me to work harder and I am in better shape now than I have been in years- Amanda